Charity-Based Team Building

Gilman Performance Systems designs activities for your organization to have fun, learn and donate back to your community.

Whether your organization’s requirement is team building, sales motivation, a targeted community challenge, or simply communication, these activities are a powerful vehicle for engaging personal and professional development.

Team Build a Bear

Teddy Bear

It starts with the appeal of a teddy bear and ends with the smile of a happy child who is the recipient of the bear that was stuffed, designed and created by you and your team.

Armed with accessories and enthusiasm, your team races to dress your chosen bear. Your imagination is the limit when choosing shoes, glasses, hats, and sound modules!

Participants receive insight on:

  • Communication
  • Resource / Project Management
  • Seeing how individual efforts contribute to everyone’s success

Everyone is poised to present their bear and “commercial” to their ‘customers’ when a representative of the local children’s hospital, or charity of your choice comes to accept the bears.

Bike Building

Bicycle Build

Remember that brand-new bike you received when you were a child?

This activity benefits local charity groups making it possible for children to receive new bikes.

Participants engage both their minds and their skills in collaboration to assemble a bike.

Challenges are discovered along the way while…

  • Engaging the Mind with Play
  • Resource Sharing
  • Time / Project Management

This activity makes a powerful impact on your team, filled with excitement and challenges.


Can Connection

Help the community re-stock local food banks and shelters with this innovative team activity.

Design and build a structure (representing the firm, customers, patients, department, etc.) out of cans and boxes of food!

Participants work together in teams from designing to implementation.

Teams will be judged on:

  • Creativity
  • Community Message
  • Team Work
  • Marketing Pizzazz

The CanNection team building event will benefit your team and will help community.

We partner with charities such as Boys and Girls Club, Make a Wish, Shelters, Local Food Banks, etc. We are happy to partner with a local charity of your choice.