Styles Surveys

Successful Interpersonal skills are vital to interact, communicate, and collaborate.

Interpersonal Styles assessment provides needed insight and feedback. Understanding of how others perceive your style and versatility to help build stronger relationships and contribute to business results.

GPS provides MBTI, DiSC, and Social Styles surveys and training (in-person and webinar). 

A university study compared all three and found the Social Styles (Driver, Analytic, Expressive, Amiable) model was the most memorable and applicable, including a key Self and Other Assessment.

The GPS 360 Advantage:

  • Personalized branding specific to your organization.
  • Individual feedback reports.
  • Aggregate group reports including versatility from the Social Styles Reports.
  • Customized action planning format.
  • Webinars for participants to understand the results, and build skills.
  • Individual coaching to review reports and develop action plans.
  • Survey Administration by GPS includes follow-up with respondents for best return results.
  • The confidentiality of respondent data is a priority.