Business Simulations

GPS has partnered to bring you 10+ online simulations, including some totally virtual, ranging from one-hour engaging fun team building to multi-day executive development.

With 25+ years of developing and providing simulations for 20,000+ participants through experiential learning (Concrete Experiences to Active Experimentation Cycle via David Kolb) using team challenges, tinker toys, darts, straws, legos or index cards…all have been very powerful learning and memorable!

Today’s on-line simulations range from:

  • business/financial acumen
  • strategy from running a small business
  • major enterprise-facing dilemmas, including a version for today’s pandemic!
  • virtual simulations can be 90 minutes to 1/2 day
  • can be standalone or integrated as part of a longer program
  • the multi-session split days truly help with leadership development.
  • Life Science industry is one of the simulation’s focus.

Please contact us to discuss your particular needs, explore which simulation may be best, a list of available simulations, and see some of them in action.