Navigating in Times of Change and Uncertainty

Establishing action plans to maximize skills that accelerate performance and minimize actions that hijack productivity.

Win-Win Negotiating and Problem Solving

Resolving disputes and negotiating with colleagues, teams, departments, organizations, suppliers, regulators, and customers.

Managing Time & Multiple Priorities

How to juggle responsibilities without dropping the ball. Achieve more by focusing on your biggest goals and priorities by working better, smarter, and faster. Reduce stress and improve work/life balance.

Sustaining High-Performance Teams

Simple yet powerful strategies to continuously improve team achievements. Team assessment is optional.

First Level People Management Skills (curriculum of topics available specific to your needs)

Key proven management skills for success. Optional: Feedback survey (used by thousands) and/or one-on-one coaching meeting as a follow-up and reinforcement. This can be specific to virtual/remote management.

Managing your Personal Brand

Participants will learn the keys to building their brand and will explore a variety of ways to distribute and manage their brand, including managing their on-line image.


In this robust and interactive session, participants will explore their communication preferences (personality) through a series of exercises and games to pinpoint their psychological type. Provided through an MBTI certified Master Practitioner.

Personal Values In Action

In this often life-changing session, participants explore the impact of Personal Values in their lives. The source of our values, how they evolve over time, and how we use them – and sometimes ignore them – in decision-making. This can help explain the source of stress, frustration, and conflict. Learn to respect those whose values are different from, and possibly in conflict with, their own. Prioritize our Personal Values and examine day-to-day behaviors against priorities.


Based on “Developing a Resilient Mindset”™ by TRACOM, learn about the sources of stress, response pattern to stress, and practical strategies for altering those responses, including groundbreaking research in neuroscience. Gain insights and concrete ways to buffer from workplace stressors and enhance their resilience to improve job performance.

Maximizing Interpersonal Relationships

Interpersonal styles are at the heart of every communication. Knowing your style is a start, knowing others’ fast is power. A university study showed that Social Styles (Amiable, Analytic, Expressive, Driver) is the most memorable and easiest to apply back on the job (vs. MBTI and DiSC). Our unique survey is tied to EQ with a unique versatility report. This session is popular for its richness of content and interactive exercises.

Building a Powerful Presentation

Learn the key tools for planning and organizing presentations so that the speaker can “hit the target” with the audience. Participants learn to present their topic as a “story” – with a beginning, middle, and end – not just showing slides. Whether complicated financial information or a progress report, focus on those key factors that the audience needs to make a decision.

Delivering a Virtual Presentation

Learn to adapt the “stand and deliver” physical presentation skills to a virtual format.  This includes new techniques, eye contact, using gestures, and posture from your desk.  It also explores the “production” considerations: camera, transitions and hand-offs, screen sharing, etc.  The session can include participant practice and feedback.

Executive Presence and Impact (as 2x 3.5hr sessions)

Understand your behavioral signals about level of confidence, seniority, and status, communicate with greater impact, increase confidence and credibility in high-stakes interactions. Leave a positive, lasting impression on those around you by building your personal brand through presence. Sessions include practice and feedback with video.

Challenging Conversations (Manager and dealing with client versions)

Live practice session with ‘actor style’ facilitator of real-life challenging conversations. The session includes time to think, reflect, and try again with ‘timeouts’ and re-runs to help each participant. Develop different and more effective approaches to real-life reactions. Benefit from peer group suggestions and feedback on what is and is not working.

Managing Virtual Teams

Now that we have been doing it for 6+ months…

Apply key leadership skills and for the challenges of managing remotely, including a framework for leading virtual teams. Critical communication and performance management skills (specific to your firm) are applied.

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