Goal Minders

How do you help your participants continue to produce results once training is over and work resumes?

The answer is — Goal Minders.

Goal Minders help support and hold learners accountable for applying what they learned from training to the workplace. Every 2 weeks, our Goal Minder application will send out a web-based reminder to the participant, reinforcing program content goals set during training. This web-based tool helps employees turn their workshop knowledge into valuable results. Each participant designates their manager, peer, or mentor coach to help them achieve their goals.

Goal Minders is an easy to use web application that helps to enhance on-the-job learning by:

  • Reinforcing program content (e.g., framework, key points)
  • Tacking progress and gauging program goal achievement
  • Encouraging collaboration with other participants (Peer Coach)

Goal Minders are also a useful tool for training evaluation and measurement, specifically Level 3 of the Kirkpatrick Evaluation Scale.

Executive Coaches Goal Minders allow web-based communication between meetings/calls for a greater real-time interface on their actions toward goal achievement.