GPS Workshops


Our interactive workshops allow participants to learn more and gain a better understanding. They support the development of leaders, managers, their teams and individual professionals to be more successful.

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GPS Services


Gilman Performance Solutions realizes that our main purpose is to serve the needs of our clients. We strive to make your experience as seamless as possible through our specialized web solutions, including:

  • Program/Coaching Reinforcement
  • Collaboration
  • Interview Generator

GPS 360 Employee Organizational Surveys


GPS has been providing individual and organizational survey results — before the term “360”. We use our internally developed survey processing engine for complete flexibility on look, structure, format, items, and reporting. In English or multiple languages, we deliver the vital results for key decisions and development planning.

“We partnered with GPS in developing and running a customized 360° service for our global organization. For almost 5 years, GPS has provided outstanding client focused service – fast, flexible and friendly to our colleagues around the world. If you want an excellent content advisor, great service and an outstanding value with regard to a 360° process, I highly recommend GPS.”

Trusted by leading companies including

Timex Group  UBS  ZS Associates  RTI Surgical