Meetings: Design – Facilitation – Team Building

Typical focus of GPS Meeting and Facilitation Services include…

  • Annual/Department Meeting Review and Planning
  • Vision, Strategic and Operational Roadmap
  • Process Improvement/Design, Change Leadership
  • Innovation/New Product Idea Generation
  • Project Planning/Implementation
  • Partner, Supplier, or Client Meetings


  • Keep sessions focused, positive, and energized
  • Focused Facilitation ensures your meetings achieve results

Agenda Design

  • Gain full team input into decisions, strategy, change
  • Create “ownership and accountability” for actions/next steps
  • Tell us “what” you need to accomplish and we will give you an interactive and engaging “how” with results

Team Building

  • Over 40 portable activities & customized simulations
  • Fun Team Building to real Team Effectiveness

Skill Development

  • Leadership, Sales Management
  • Interpersonal/Negotiation/Influence
  • Consultative Selling


  • Worldwide Sales Meeting in Hawaii with 125 attendees for a leading medical
    equipment firm (5th consecutive year using GPS).
  • SAP IT core team kick-off meeting for 60 attendees for a chemical firm in Virginia.
  • Six different HR Dept. Meetings in 2007 for 12-40 attendees for Planning, Project updates, and HR Strategy.
  • CIO Team Meeting for 55 in NJ on Strategy and Leadership. How can we help your meeting be the Best?