We have helped over 500 meetings be more successful!

We create and facilitate sales meetings designed so that salespeople and sales leaders have the knowledge and skills to be more successful!

Whether you require design and execution of an annual / regional sales meeting, a workshop designed to enhance specific selling skills, a critical product rollout/presentation, or interactive breakouts. Our team will help your sales team to be more consciously effective and efficient.

With consultants who have led national training departments, we know the importance of high energy meetings that involve all participants and produce results…by the end of the meeting and after the meeting.

Our focus is on four key areas critical to the successful outcome of your sales meeting.


Sales Meeting Design

We design your sales meetings to be thought-provoking, engaging and challenging with new pragmatic skills to be put into action immediately!

We offer turnkey meeting design services:

  • Detailed Agenda Design: Tell us “WHAT” you want to achieve and will design the “HOW”
  • Theme Achievement
  • Digital Interaction
  • Engaging and Productive Breakouts
  • Challenging Activities to Build Skills and Have Fun
  • Sales Presentations for Product, Service designed for internal delivery or by our team.
    …even unique compliance training.

The right meeting design engaged, solve roadblocks, find creative ways to shorten sales cycles/retain clients … inspired.


Skills Development

Increase the skills needed and processes to be an effective sales organization. In today’s digital age, buyers are more informed than ever before. Effectiveness is contingent upon communicating:

  • the right information
  • in the most effective manner
  • for the specific “BUYER” decision makers.

Our skill development programs are always right targeted for you and include:

  • Influencing Executives
  • Shortening the Sales Cycle/Process
  • Selling Strategically
  • Critical Skills for Sales Professionals
  • Critical Skills for Sales Managers/Leaders

Quickly customized for predictable success.


Focused Facilitation

Kaplan can provide your sales meeting with expert facilitators who know how to maintain enthusiasm and participation from your team throughout the meeting.

Our facilitator’s key role can help Senior Sales Leaders get the most out of their sales meetings by

Participating – not up in front just presenting.
Assessing leadership talent in the room for future action and development.
Focusing on content, not process … leave it to us!


Team Building: Serious and/or Fun … always with learning

We offer over 30 team challenges that strengthen sales team effectiveness. Using high-energy facilitation techniques that offer challenge and fun, we help team to accelerate sales growth, especially cross-functionally … even for large meetings.

Marketing and Sales Forces “TEAM” work together more cohesively and proactively to achieve key objectives.


Looking to get more sales from your next sales meeting? Discover how Kaplan can help you deliver a sales meeting that will deliver real results.